"Portraits" are the general umbrella that most families, pets, kiddos, maternity and engagement photos fall under.  Our portrait sessions include us shooting on location with you (any location fees are your responsiblity), editing of photos, an online gallery, download link to all edited photos, and a print release for you to be able to print where you wish (of course, we're happy to print with our printing company too, but no pressure - you do you).  Our sessions typically last approx 1.5 to 2 hours when all is said and done, though circumstances & wee-one tempers sometimes dictate otherwise.  We don't have a set number of delivered edited images, but we can honestly say that "too few to choose from" is a complaint we don't ever receive.  Travel fees can be incurred if session will take place more than 2 hours away.



Weddings, Love Celebrations, Nuptials, "The Joining of the Houses"... whatever you call it, we're happy to talk with you about yours!  You'll quickly learn that we're "moments" people and there aren't many days that'll be as packed with awesome moments as the one you get to join your life partner in marriage!  We could fill books with our thoughts on being hopeless romantics, embracers of the unique, cheerleaders for the tender-hearted, and defenders of the groom-tearing-up (men can be all sensitive too!), but for now - let's just say that we're excited to hear about the story you two are looking to create together!  We only have three main  packages with all other things able to be added a la carte.  All of our wedding pacakges include:

--both Debby & Jeremy shooting together
--an engagement session (we pretty much insist on it unless there's some pretty solid circumstances that keep you from it - it helps you, it helps us, we grow together, all positive things)
--a usb of all edited photos with full-res & permission to print (none of that low-res, web-only shenanigan stuff here)
--full day coverage for up to 10 hours
--a password protected online gallery of all edited pics

Wedding Packages start at $3250

We also are totally into elopements (go you, you're a strong independent couple that don't need a big pomp & circumstance day)!   If you're going to be having an elopement, please reach out to us for availability and to give us more info... we'll craft you a custom package that will fit your individual needs.

Elopement Packages start at $1250


We were lucky enough to stumble into food photography back in 2008.  Since then, we've pursued all things beautiful in the food world and enjoy bringing another creative's vision to life.  That inherently also found us working in other realms of the commercial photography world as we went along.  No two businesses have the same path to follow and likewise, we know that one set pricing structure for this realm is unrealistic.  Contact us with your project to get realistic pricing information that will help you grow your dream while continuing to help us pursue ours.