The Minneapolis Burger Blog- The Nook, Spring Street Tavern, Burger Jones, The Bulldog N.E., Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

WOW…So let’s start this off by saying that we are not dead, we did not gain 100lbs, and we did not have a heart attack. We DID, however, visit some burger places in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We’d also like to start this blog out by saying that this is NOT a “best of” list. This is a hodgepodge of “our favorite, a neighborhood favorite, a local to Minneapolis favorite, and a ‘what’s good on Yelp?'” Honestly, we wished we could’ve hit up many, many more, as the suggestions came flying at us like arrows; and each place suggested seemed better and better! Also, with only two of us, had we consumed a single more burger, we might’ve exploded, and there’d be no LunahZon.

Another thing we’d like to mention, is this is NOT a photo shoot. We legit sat at a table, ordered the foods, and took our cameras out for a few minutes. It was a test in creativity and resourcefulness. Some tables, we were sat next to a window and had glorious window light. Others, we had to use a combination of an iphone light and on-camera flash, using napkins to bounce. 🙂 It’s not ideal, but it’s a challenge we willingly accepted. So, without further adieu- we hope you enjoy this burger blog. We’re excited for PART DEUX!

The Nook:
The Nook is a favorite of ours. From the very first time we ventured out on our own in a city we were just getting to know.. Yelp led us to this place. And on that day- we bit into a fascinating little thing called a ‘Juicy Lucy.’ When we went on the burger blog excursion, we knew we had to hit The Nook. FUN FACT: We have been to the Nook, 3-4 times now since it’s discovery by us. For the first time ever, we were seated downstairs! We didn’t know there was a downstairs, and we definitely didn’t know they had a small bowling alley!!! It was so very cool. You can leave a dollar on the ceiling too if you wish. We did. Go try and find it. 😉
We ordered: Paul Molitar with sweet potato fries, Stuffed Philly

Spring Street Tavern:
The next place we visited is a neighborhood favorite called Spring Street Tavern. Not only does the single most adorable server work there (this is Debby typing btw), but legend has it, that there’s a night club underneath. Our friend and part time guide Orley Andserson took us there. The special thing about this bar, is that it opens at 8am. It is your working class, blue collar bar. It’s open so that the people getting off third shift can stop by, and have breakfast and a beer waiting for them before heading home. I’m sure there are many bars like this, that exist in America, but this is the first one I had ever been to that works for the working class. The burger was delicious, and I might add… the tots were INSANE. They were good; crispy, light, not greasy, and had a dash of seasoning to make my taste buds dance. I approve.
We ordered: Spring Street Burger with tots

The Bulldog N.E.:
Orley, our guide also recommended we go to The Bulldog N.E. – specifically Northeast. It’s not too far from Spring Street Tavern, but if you’re not really feeling the working class vibe, then this is your place. We also encountered a very friendly server there who was very helpful. In hind sight, I wish we could have remembered their names to give them all a shout out. Mr. Server… we were the people there that one day with the cameras; and you were so very helpful and we very much appreciate your efforts. If you ever read this- reach out to us so we can write in your name. Anyway- as you can see the staff was beyond friendly. The food? Amazing…
These truffle tots deserve an, “AMEN”
We ordered: Junk Burger with truffle tots/ Good Morning Burger with fries

Burger Jones:
Lastly, we couldn’t decide where to go- with all the options and what not. So based on location and reviews, we let Yelp decided for us. (I know, I know… but when you’re as indecisive as us, Yelp can help.) We were HAPPY to have gone with Burger Jones though… We ordered 3 burgers. Our server told us once that a helicopter (or small plane) landed on the frozen lake across the street to order the “White Trash” burger. At first we’re like, “nuh uhhhhh” but once we saw what the White Trash burger was, we can kind of believe it now. Let me describe it to you: It comes with cheese curds, fried bacon, and melted velveeta. So the aircraft landing on the frozen lake might be an urban legend belonging to Burger Jones, but we can hang “I BELIEVE” posters. Of course the food was fantastic, and we particularly love the branding on the buns. 🙂
We ordered: The Chubby Cheddar, Santa Fe, White Trash burgers

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