Rebecca & Brian’s Folly Beach Wedding

I mean, Rebecca couldn’t get the words, “Beach wedding” out of her mouth before we were like, “YES YES YES. Here is the contract. Please sign now.” There is something so magical about a destination wedding- and a South Carolina low country wedding at that. If you have never been to Charleston SC, my recommendation is to stop what you are doing, and book a trip there now.

I don’t really even know what it is about Charleston. We live in the Charlotte NC area, so anything within 4 hours of us is like, “That’s not a REAL road trip.” But going to Charleston- that get’s us excited every time. Again- there is just something in the air, and I don’t know why. (We are not even going there with Myrtle Beach. Does not compare. End of story.)

Sooo, oh yeah. She was all like, “Beach wedding…” and we were all like, “Heck yes let’s go!” and she was all like, “It’s in 2 years” and we were all like, “No do it now!” So we did wait patiently for her wedding day to arrive. We were not disappointed of course. Despite the grey forecast and a somewhat misty morning- the rest of the day was beautiful. Slightly chilly, a bit windy, but it was a beautiful day nonetheless.

Fun fact: The reception was held on a boat! We took a ride out to a deserted island and did a few pictures there while family and friends got to frolic about!

Once again, this post is too long. I just CAN’T figure out how to show you everything in 20 pictures. I left out sooo much as it is. I know, cramming 10 pictures into one frame is kind of cheating, but I don’t care. If you are reading or looking at this blog, I want you to actually SEE everything. If you are considering hiring us- you need to know how we shoot and how we work beyond pretty pretty pictures. There is emotion. Family. Friends. Love. Dancing. Also, pretty things. 🙂 For example, Rebecca and Brian had a beautiful beach wedding, but their reception was on a boat. Now we can say- we shot a reception on a boat. Wanna see? (ps – yes, Jeremy made at least one “I’m on a boat” comment)

Please, enjoy. And we hope by the end of the post, you find a little sand between your toes.

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  • Pamela Holland

    So very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your Love with us! Best Wishes for you both always!ReplyCancel

  • Jimmie Chesser (mother of the Bride)

    I love all the pics The wedding was gorgeous and the camera brought out the vibrance of colors. The purple is gorgeous. Thank you for giving the bride and groom such a loving memory of there special day.ReplyCancel