The Importance of a Nonchalant Engagement Session -The Dairy Barn, Fort Mill SC

For Photographers:

Truly- not all photographers are created equal, and despite the fact that everyone knows it, we seem to forget it. Even in the photographer-to-photographer relationships, that little bit of truth always seems to slip away. We’d be lying if we said we never looked at someone else’s work and said, “MAN that is awesome. Why can’t we do that?” (Photo by our mentor and first one to inspire our art Jaime Ibarra…also site may contain artful nudity fyi) Well, because we have a different eye. And a different personality. As we all know, the number one rule to being an artist is to never compare yourself to someone else!

While of course to me it never felt like I was comparing myself to anyone, (or I thought I wasn’t trying to compare myself) it was still always, “Why can’t we do that?” And the answer is still, because we have a different eye. OKAY. Moving forward. What do we do with this eye? Make fun stuff! Embrace that while we think other people do amazing work, we have our own work, with our own name, and our own eye-to-click perspective.

Not all photographers are created equal. I’m not just talking about educated vs. learn on your own, OR professional vs. amateur. I’m talking about style. Why do we attract who we do? Is it what we want to attract, and if it isn’t, then what is going wrong?

I can happily say that LunahZon has been pretty forward from the start. We always wanted to be “different”. Not sure if there is some deep rooted childhood trauma that happened, but for both of us who are LunahZon, we want to be unique. And one can say, “Well everyone wants to be different, don’t they?” And the answer is yes! We’re all little snow flake photographers… which is why it is so important to OWN your eye-to-click perspective, and not try to be like someone else. We have said it before- and we’ll say it again. Do what feels right to your own eyeballs- because then you will like what you see. Fine tune your art of course, but follow your eye, and follow your gut. The brides/families/models you want knocking on your door are the ones who agree aesthetically and enjoy your eye-to-click perspective.

To the Bride:

As for LunahZon, we knew right away that we were never really comfortable with posing. At every consult, we let you know that. We don’t want to give you what WE THINK our interpretation of “Who you are” really is. That’s why we’re candid. That’s why we work the best with people who don’t mind not being told what to do. That being said, we do great with direction (“Stand at the top of the hill, and when you get there, just flirt, or twirl or whisper something naughty.”) That kind of stuff- we’re game. Sometimes, we don’t even go that far when who ever is in front of the camera just starts to work it. (You know when it happens because we’re like, “Yeah! Keep doing whatever your doing!”)

Knowing who we are and what we do is really important. As a client, knowing who you are is equally important. For David and Ashley (who we’re spotlighting below because they owned up to the kind of couple they were)- they didn’t want to be posed. What they wanted, and what we gave them, was space. Space to just be themselves and play. That’s not to say they weren’t camera shy at first. Of course most everyone is afraid of the camera, and with the way we shoot, it kind of makes it worse because we AREN’T telling you what to do. Yet it happens every single time… You simply forget we are there (or forget to care anyway). You are having so much fun being goofy or just being in love with your partner- that all those awesome natural poses come to life. We don’t need to tell you to “stare lovingly” into His eyes- because you’re already there.

In the end, these are your engagement pictures. In 35 years when you look back at your pictures, we want you to see how happy you were that day, how much you laughed, how loving you guys were… We want you to remember that you had FUN. It was a good day. Not a trip to the dentist. (Although trips to the dentist are very important!) 😀

Not everything has to be perfect. Or posed. Or glamorous. Or full of picnics. Or props. Or “Style Me Pretty” worthy. Or anything that isn’t “You.” It might rain. It might be too cold, or too hot, or too windy. But what it won’t be, if you’re with us, is forced.

We might have told David to dip Ashley. And of course- He did it his way!
She found her Prince.
Yep. Image on the left is most definitely a chest-bump.

Outtakes are great. They laughed so hard they fell. And we captured it. 🙂

These engagement photos were taken at The Dairy Barn.

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