An Engagement Session at the Dog Park -Pineville NC {Justin + Laura}

So many people often ask us if they can bring their dogs to engagement sessions, and we’re always like, “YES!” This time, we went to the dog park. We had all kinds of dogs greeting us and saying “hi” with their wagging tails. We aren’t dog owners, so we didn’t really know what to expect at a dog park. It was cool, and we found some awesome little nooks to take Justin and Laura for their pictures.

But first, meet Elmo. He is a puppy, not even a year old, and he is one of the happiest, friendliest dogs.

Okay, so that is Elmo, and you’ll be seeing him throughout these pictures. Ahem, oh yes- Justin and Laura. They were perfectly fun to photograph. We especially love how bright and happy they look! They’re exactly the kind of people we hope to meet at the other end of our emails – silly, playful, kind, ready for adventure, quick with a laugh, and essentially instant-new best-friends (just add water). Having said all that mushy stuff, man we can’t wait for you to see more Elmo. 😉

One of the prompts we gave Justin & Laura was “now just do whatever you’d do if you were hanging out together, no photogs around”… their response – “DANCE PARTY!!!” Yes!!

Guys… COME ON!!! Are you done yet?

This is what happens when you tie me to a tree for 5 minutes. I get all wrapped up. Thanks Mom and Dad, and photographers. (worry not, he was rewarded well for his patience!)

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