Baby D’s Magical World, Complete with Bacon – Arlington, Texas

This summer we did a whirlwind tour of Texas: Houston, Arlington/Fort Worth, and Austin. One of the shoots we did was in Arlington- with a one month old. We’re going to call him Baby D. Since we were traveling, we didn’t have much to take with us for a newborn shoot. So… we did what we do best- and winged it!

The sad thing is, this lil’ sweet pea is now 6 months old. He was about a month when we photographed him. AYE! I know, one day we’ll actually blog things as it happens. For now, enjoy this sweet little guy- and his dog Bacon!!!!!

And introducing…BACON!!!

We would like to thank our friend Suzi Tran and her family for giving us this opportunity to travel to Texas and photographing Baby D! We have another Texas blog coming up soon! (For reals soon, not in another 5 months.) 😀

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