Welcome to the World Baby Alex- A Newborn Session {Charlotte NC}

We tried the whole squeezing a baby in a basket (in fact, with his older brother) and while they look super cute, we realized it just wasn’t “Us”. We don’t have a problem with that either, there is a plethora of newborn photographers in Charlotte who squeeze babies in baskets and make it look good. What makes us feel good, is working in natural environments, but having a creative “something” in it as well. As our motto is, “Your Life, More Whimsical,” our goal is to take the natural environment and make photo magic with it. At least, more magic than Mom or Dad can do with their camera. (I mean, let’s be honest, that’s why we get paid right? To make more magic than you do?)

But we love making magic, we love shooting anything that gives us creative freedom, and we LOVE shooting babies (wait…that came out wrong) we LOVE photographing babies with squeezable cheeks and poofy pouty lips like Alex’s. This is a different newborn session. This is a little guy taking a nap in his room, with all of his favorite toys, and a giant banner with his name in the back. And he is STILL PRECIOUS! No squeezing in baskets necessary.

*Disclaimer* He is in a basket, but we didn’t have to squeeze him in. He’s just sprawled out like he knows how to do it.

Isn’t he just the cutest?!? Be on the lookout for the next project from Notorious A.P.B. to drop sometime around the next diaper change yo! (sorry that was Jeremy getting to write for a moment)

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