Tom + Laura’s Castle McCulloch Wedding Part 1-Greensboro NC

Castle McCulloch is actually located in Thomasville NC, but in the grander scheme of things, it’s Greensboro.

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO TOM AND LAURA!!!! Now that we have this blog situation figured out, we can post a blog about it. The wedding will have to be divided into two parts, otherwise this page will never load! So, we met Tom and Laura through a friend- and they were so very fun to work with. Also, they got married in a Castle… yeah it was pretty neat to say the least.

So, things happen for a reason. We were the worst bloggers in the world because doing so was time consuming and we are busy people who have lots of editing to do. Thankfully, there are now tricks and ways to make blogging easier, so now all I have to do is pick some pictures, write this intro, upload the pics and bam! New blog post.

It might have taken us a year to blog this, but could this have come at a better time? Here is the wedding of Tom and Laura- on their one year anniversary! LZP wishes the both of you many, many great and wonderful years of happiness, bliss, and inappropriate Tom humor!!!!

Don’t worry- there’s more to come!!!

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