Trash the Dress- A Mid Summer Dream {Charlotte NC}

We LOVE this session. Now that we have our blog situation figured out, we thought we should feature this amazing sesh because we love it so much. Haylie, our fearless (and we mean FEARLESS) bride rolled in mud, climbed tress, played in the pond, and climbed some hay bales. All in a wedding dress too.

There is no way, NO WAY we would turn down something fun and crazy, and the more something is fun and crazy, the more we love it. Which is why, once again, we LOVE this session (did we mention that yet?). Not only is Haylie a beauty, but she gave us some amazing photo candy to play with. While you may have seen a picture here and there, now you get to see the whole thing! So do enjoy, and if you are a bride, don’t forget to BREATH! 😉 Your dress is perfectly safe. You know… unless you want to get all crazy with it – no judgements!

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