Model Wonderland at The Morehead Inn, Charlotte NC

So I (Debby) took part in an AWESOME event about a week ago with the a group called the Photog Divas. You may have heard of Charlotte photographer extraordinaire Critsey Rowe, but what you may not know is that she loves to help and give back to her ‘photog’ peers (in this case, lady peers.) If you are familiar with LunahZon, then you are familiar with our motto: Love.Everyone. Or something like that. 😉 Point being, we always try to give back to everyone and respect people who do the same! It truly makes our hearts happy to see people practice positivity and give back to the community. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we had people take us under their wing- so stuff like this is really close to our hearts.

Okay, okay! The scoop: We had about 15-20 girls at The Morehead Inn (the venue you will see.) We were provided with three models: Jillian Mourning, Whitney Kay, and Olivia Jewell. They had beautiful dresses courtesy of J Majors Bridal Boutique, AND they had hair/make-up by Lindsey Regan Thorne of ‘Be Pretty’.

So as you can see, we had an all-star line up. We broke into three groups, and each group took turns with the models. Within the groups, we each took our own turns. It was such a fabulous experience!

One of the things we had to work on was indoor lighting with different light sources. Challenge accepted! Me being part of LunahZon took a very artistic and liberating approach to my editing. Like always, it took me a little longer- but I hope to accomplish something different. While The Morehead Inn is lovely and beautiful, it’s also very small- creating it’s own sets of challenges. 15-20 girls, 3 models, and a small venue… it would be hard for us all to get unique pictures! And yet I feel like from what I have seen, everyone DID have a unique approach! I think we all successfully rose above the challenge, and ONCE AGAIN… why we feel like the whole petty competition thing is pointless among photographers! I’m here as proof that I shot with 20 different girls, at the same venue, with the same models- and I still was able to be LunahZon. Ahhh- the amount of awesome that is, is SO.FREAKING.COOL.

Anyway- sorry I had so much to say. Pictures! Oh yes, well here are a few. Some I have posted on our Facebook, and others will be posted elsewhere. So here is a sampling of what I got! (Note, this is a sampling, not a best of!)

Hope you enjoyed!

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