LZP Supports: Sweetest Beginnings – Concord NC

The second person to grace the LZP Supports blog is Susan, from Sweetest Beginnings. Susan was chosen because she is a happy person who reflects a lot of the same beliefs we do as far as clients are concerned. She loves her job, loves who she works with, and will do the very best she can for anyone. Susan is a stationary designer that works on everything from wedding invitations to baby shower water bottle labels.

We took a few head shots of Susan so you could get to know her. We also sprinkled in some of her work as well as her lovely studio in downtown Concord, NC.

As you can see walking in as a Bride, you will find lots of really cool inspiration!

Susan shares her space with other vendors as well, one of them being Delectable Designs. As a complimentary gift to Susan’s clients, they will bring in treats! (And they are pretty yummy!)

Susan is really sweet. She has a natural “sister” vibe, where we can pick up right where we left off, even if a lot of time has gone past since we’ve spoken. (You know how wedding season is…easy to lose touch!) Yet the whole point is to keep in touch, spread good, promote wonderful people, and to connect!

We do urge you to connect with Susan, no matter WHO YOU ARE! The Charlotte wedding and event industry can only get better when we all work together, and work with each other. We’d like to thank Susan for being a great role model, and we hope super things will come to her business!

To connect with Susan:
Email: sales@sweetestbeginnings.com

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  • She’s so smiley, she made me smile!! Love the studio and her work.ReplyCancel

  • i agree! she looks so warm and inviting, and i love the shop! fabulous lzp 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Thank you ladies! We are inclined to agree – Madame Susan has quite an infectious smile that has you finding one on your own face before you know it!ReplyCancel

  • So organized and fun – definitely a winning combo!!!ReplyCancel

  • So clear that Susan loves what she does and does it well!ReplyCancel

  • Love it! Great work as always! How does she pull off creative AND organized??? I need to meet her to learn her secrets! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Horne

    As Susan’s real sister, yes she is always with a smile no matter how stressed she may feel. She let’s nothing get her down no matter how big or how small. I am so blessed to be susan’s sister and am so very proud of her in every part of her life. I love you susan.

    • awwwww… that’s awesome!!! So happy we get to be a part of such great people’s lives!! We are two lucky photogs!ReplyCancel

  • Susan McRae

    Seriously am in LOVE with the studio pictures! I want a collage 🙂 I am beyond grateful and honored you asked me to be a part of this!!ReplyCancel

    • well you get all of them, so whatever you want to do with them, have at it!!! We’re grateful you agreed!!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy McRae

    As Susan’s mother-in-law, I knew early on that she had a talent for wedding “know-how” as evidenced in her’s and Will’s (my son) own wedding. She’s such a creative person and can see new possibilities everywhere around her. We are so proud of Susan for pursuing her dream, and in so doing, helping to make other’s dreams come true!ReplyCancel

    • We’re so happy to agree with you Kathy!! We can, likewise, say that we’re happy that doing what we love to do anyway has led us to work in tandem with other people’s dreams as well… pretty awesome world we live in where that’s possible!ReplyCancel

  • Patti Bowman

    What a delightful shop! It looks so inviting and Susan’s sweet smile indeed goes with “Sweetest Beginnings”.ReplyCancel

  • Angel

    Love this just found out about another great vendor. Definitely will be checking out her work.ReplyCancel