Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Charlotte NC

Alicia and Shaun are one of the most appropriate couples for LZPland. We don’t mind posing people if we have to, but our philosophy is to stray from it. We like to have fun, but we are not your overbearing photographer, and therefore, don’t like being overbearing in the shoot. We are: “organic”, “environmental”, “natural”, “life style”, “candid” – any thing that fits in that category. We aren’t ashamed of it, and wear it proud. We own it to the best of our ability. So when we get couples that tell us that one, or both aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, it is our job to make sure they have fun, relax, and enjoy it for what it is!

So as you will see, Alicia and Shaun love baseball. We wanted to do something fun for them to break the ice in front of our cameras (for they can be intimidating things!) Alicia and Shaun came to us by the power duo behind the wedding/event planning company Planned Perfection.

We thought it would be a cute idea for them to write something to the other person, without them looking at what the other wrote. They revealed it to the camera, and then revealed what they wrote to each other. It was FUNNY that they both wrote about the others’ team (since we weren’t specific). It could’ve been an “I love you always” or any of those things, but instead they both wrote what they wrote. And in our book, that is AWESOME!

After the ball park, we hit some city life as they will be getting married in the heart of Charlotte, NC.

So as you can see – for someone who “didn’t feel comfortable being in front of the camera”, they just cut loose, focused on each other, & made it almost a date of sorts. Us being the photographers that we are, we couldn’t ask for more – it was them being them & being in love! We can not wait for their wedding!

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