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We at LunahZon Photography are trying to start a new movement (or at least our own leg of it); one which features artists who are positive, creative, passionate, and successful. We want to bring new people to you, the reader, to learn about them and what they do. The mission of this project is to bring us closer to artists of all kind, as well as to learn and grow. Meeting new people has always been a passion, and being a photographer- well, you can never meet too many people!

LunahZon was founded on art, built on art, grows and inspires art. Mandie is an artist. She is a cake artist, and she does it very well. Mandie is the owner of Got What It Cakes and she is a prime example of someone we want to feature. She is funny, passionate, sweet, positive, and she makes some really tasty treats!

If you were to walk into her Consult area, you would see some of these gorgeous Cake models. Clearly you can see the detail and talent immediately. Mandie is a professional, and her work shows it.

We decided early on that when we did the shoot with Mandie, we wanted to see her work. We KNOW the actual art of cake making is in Mandie’s head and her head alone, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun in the kitchen! These next few images are of Mandie making her super secret Butter Cream recipe! (Yes we are sworn to secrecy, and besides, we have no clue what she did. Might as well have been watching someone do rocket science!)

We did get to try some butter cream, and it tasted like heaven. Next, Mandie was asked to make “ice cream” models for a valentines photo shoot for Charlotte-based, Anders Ruff (www.andersruff.com). She used waffle bowls and cake balls, and a little bit of sprinkles. Not only does Mandie do cakes, but she gets to delve into her creative side by doing little fun projects like this:

After spending some time with Mandie, it is important for us to reiterate WHY we are doing this. We like Mandie, and we think you should too. If you are a vendor in the wedding/event industry, and you haven’t met her, please do. We want you, the reader, who ever you are, to connect! If you bake cakes and you haven’t met her- connect!

As you will quickly learn from us, we do not believe in competition, only growing our bubble of good, solid, happy people.

To learn more about Mandie and Got What It Cakes:
website: www.gotwhatitcakes.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GotWhatItCakes
email: mandie@gotwhatitcakes.com

If you are an artist, of any kind and would like to be involved in our movement, please reach out to us. We would love to feature what you do. (Even other photographers!)

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  • Lora Lynch

    I absolutely love everything about this! You guys rock! (Mandie, too! 🙂 )ReplyCancel

  • Thank you! Nothing comes out of being ugly to your fellow industry people. We are here to spread positive and support one another!!!ReplyCancel

  • Such a beautiful person both inside and out! You could not have picked a better person to feature on your site. Her cakes and talent are amazing!! =)ReplyCancel

  • i freaking love yall!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for asking me…i’m humbled. and have i mention that i love the pictures?!!! xoxoReplyCancel

    • We freakin love ya back!! We’re honored you let us have you involved & SUPER glad you like the pics!!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    HOLY YUMMY! That looks delicious and fun! Love how she makes a mess cooking – that’s the way to do it – it always tastes better that way 🙂ReplyCancel

    • VERY yummy!!! Her buttercream is ridiculous! Yes, she got a little extra messy just for us because that’s how Mandie rolls – super fun!!ReplyCancel

  • Those responses didn’t post quite how I meant for them to – the first was to Jen, the second to Mandie, & the third to Elizabeth (in case you couldn’t figure it out) 😛ReplyCancel

  • This is just awesome on so many levels! Love you all, your positivity, your passion, and your art!ReplyCancel

  • Great shots LZP!! You made M look as beautiful as she is in person 🙂 Great work guys! love itReplyCancel

  • I like the way you did this piece. The pictures are great. I’m interested for your help if thats ok.ReplyCancel