{Laura} Bridals at Castle McCullough

We shot Laura’s bridal’s at Castle McCullough and oh what an interesting venue it was! For Photographers who have never shot there- I will warn the lighting is tricky, but it didn’t stop us. There are few things that can stop us- but when we can help it, lighting isn’t one of them.

Okay that was a side note. What can we say about a venue that is nothing but eye candy! The history of the Castle (which I’ll leave to you to find out, if you don’t know it) is really cool. They even have a crystal ball room for receptions! Laura did have her wedding at the Castle, and we can’t wait to show those either.

We always love a high fashion shoot, so when you book us for your wedding, one of the things we throw in EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE is a Bridal session. You don’t have to take it of course (as its optional) but we just like the fun of it. As the engagement session is used as a bonding session between us and the couple, the Bridal can help with the Bride bonding with her look. It also helps us familiarize ourselves with the venue (that is, if we shoot it at the venue.) It’s important to photographers because we get to see how it lights, we get to test where we can shoot from, and we get to scope out any “hot spots” before hand.

As always, we’re here to serve YOU, so while it has benefits for us, we are mostly concerned with You, the Bride. We don’t always have to shoot at the Venue, and we don’t even have to shoot the Bridal. Some Brides prefer to wait after the wedding, and shoot a similar “Rock the Dress” or even “Trash the Dress.” (One being, you don’t trash your dress but instead shoot it like a bridal without the fear of ruining or getting it dirty. Trash the dress of course, is where you trash it.)

Anyway, here she is, in all her Bridal Glory!

As always, hope you enjoyed!

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