~The Vollmers Family~

The Vollmers Family was such a joy to photograph. They had a sweet little 4 month old boy, and a spunky, full-of-life 2 year old girl!

There are certain things you have to ask yourself when searching for a photographer. We will be the first to tell anyone that asks, that if you come into a session with us and expect to sit in front of the camera, then we are not the photographers for you. We enjoy movement, we enjoy capturing the moment, the interactions. We’re photojournalistic in the sense that while we may direct, we will not “pose” you. We will not tell you where to look, how to stand, where to put your leg or your arm. We want what we are capturing to be true; so true, that when you look back at these pictures years later, you can remember the day as it was. You should expect to see your children as they were- at that time, at that moment.

It doesn’t mean that we’re incompetent or we’re not good photographers because we can’t pose. We can, and sometimes (in certain situations like Bridal portraits) we will. That being said, we know what we like and who we are. LunahZon Photography is about capturing life and making it art. That is who we are, and we aren’t afraid to say it! Like we’ve said before, and we’ll say probably thousands of times again- we are not for everyone. But for the people we are meant for- its magic! (And we like magic, who doesn’t?)

Without further adieu, The Vollmers Family!

She was chasing a squirrel- it was so cute!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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