{Tom and Laura} Small Town Love

WOW!!! We could not be any more sorry that we’ve taken a while to post these blogs! Despite the fact that we have been busy, we have so many fabulous goodies to show you! (And we ask for forgiveness in the posting department. We promise they’ll come a lot more frequently!)

On to the main attraction! Tom and Laura found a quaint little “Mayberry-esque” town to do their Engagement session. Their story is really cute- when they first met, Laura thought Tom was a bit to “stuffy” for her taste. That was until- he showed his wild side with his motorcycle! Their first date (as all music lovers can appreciate) was the Foo Fighters concert in 2007. (Fun fact, they have not returned to Charlotte since, and are scheduled to return this year- the year that they got married!)

Yes, Tom and Laura have since tied the knot and we are now posting these lovely e*sesh pics. Again, we are sorry for taking so long!!! Good news is she also had some amazing bridals that we don’t have to wait to post! Yay! So here it is: Tom and Laura’s (oh yeah! And their little baby “Lily” made an appearance) romantic Engagement shoot!

It is always so much fun to be there from the Engagement to Bridals, to the Wedding! It’s why we firmly believe we should be there from the very beginning. We don’t care if you hire us and have another photographer do your engagement pictures. However, we will insist that you do a “just because” shoot with us as well so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know our cameras and how we work. It’s just one of the little things that makes us who we are as LunahZon. Until next time, we wish everyone well!

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