{Lisa and Michael} Golden Afternoon

We take WAY too many pictures. We also get fussed at a lot by other photographers because work output vs wage does not equal millionaires. LZP is here to say…we’re okay with that. We LOVE what we do with a fiery passion, and if that means taking too many pictures because we’re that into what we do, then so be it! As long as we have a roof and some bills taken care of, we won’t mind over-delivering.

That is to say that we try to give our very best of the best. Sometimes we’re okay with 30 top notch pics each, and sometimes all of the stars line up and make their very own “LZP” constellation, and we both have double or triple what we’d like to deliver, because the session was just that awesome (and we quite literally cannot bear to cut the “to edit” list by one more picture – it’d cleave off a beautiful moment, a fleeting look, or a loving smile). We only work on pictures that we think are the best, and while we may be biased, that’s what we deliver.

That being said! It was the absolute hardest thing for me to get these down to 42! It’s a BIIIIG picture blog, may crash some computers, but I just couldn’t weed down any further between both of our pictures. They’re a beautiful couple, in a beautiful location, with an adorable PUPPY! I ask for some slack, but I do hope you enjoy these pictures nonetheless!

Here’s Lisa and Michael!

These were taken at Glencairn Gardens in Rock Hill, SC. We hope everyone has a safe and fabulous 4th of July weekend!!!!

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