{TRASH THE DIAPER} Being Babies, Having Fun

So you got married, and had a baby. You got the sweet little newborn pictures made where they’re all wrapped up in plush little blankets and stuffed into as many baskets as possible. You’ve got the six(ish)-month old pictures where they’re smiling, laughing, crawling and sitting up. Then, most of you default into the 1 year pictures. We’re here to break that cycle!

**LunahZon Photography, as far as we know, invented a “Trash the Diaper” session for your baby!** It’s a take on the ever-famous “Trash the Dress.” We take your baby in nothing but a diaper, put them outside in your front or back yard, and let them have at it with edible paint! (Unless baby can’t do yogurt, its baby yogurt with food coloring.) So they can eat it, because let’s face it, they’re going to put it in their mouth and taste all of the colors. They can go crazy, and create baby art while we photograph it. (Please note, edible paint is just the beginning… there’s talks of cakes and other such fun ideas too.)

How do we know so much about babies?!? Well Debby worked in child-care as her part time job a few years ago in-between completing school and starting LunahZon. She did all of her credential work, did all of the certification that was required of her, so she is pretty well versed in the “child-care” department.

What is the point of a “Trash the Diaper” sesh? Well, there isn’t a point, other than capturing your baby making baby art and going crazy with all the fun. As a former infant room assistant teacher, there isn’t anything cuter than watching your little babe make art. We also know they make good picture invitations for the child’s One-year-old party!

How old does my baby have to be? Well, we decided that *ideally* they should be between the time they can sit up all by themselves (6-7mos, sooner or later) to right before they can walk (10-12months.) Because this is a messy shoot, we don’t want little walkers running off and painting your car or house with yogurt. And then eating it. However, we always make exceptions, and if you’re new to this, want to do this, and your child is a little older, of course we’ll do it. You might need a hose ready to spray them off though!

So, we are featuring our first little “Trash the Diaper” model. This little girl can melt your heart and soul with her eyes! She was so sweet and cute, and she is the reason we want to do more of these!!!

If you’re planning on starting a family, you may or may not want to look at these. 🙂 [Jeremy interjection – you TOTALLY want to look at these… they’ll sway you whichever way you were probably meant to go.. into “OMIGOSH that’s so cute”-land or into “You know, dogs make good kids”-ville. Personally I’m totally in love with this little girlie! She was sweet, cute, and when she’d hug you or ask you to pick her up, she was light… like a croissant.]

As you can see, we also get really ‘artsy’ with these images. We have always had a strong artistic background, and we try to bring that with us to every shoot we do. We really hope you enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed shooting and editing them. We also hope to see more “Trash the Diaper” babies as well!!!
**Disclaimer: We say we invented ‘Trash the Diaper’ because when we first came up with the idea, we searched all over the web, and without finding anything close to our idea, deemed it ours. If anyone has claim to the “Trash the diaper” we will be happy to not claim it was our brilliant idea first.** 😀

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  • love, love, LOVE this! Great thinking you guys:)ReplyCancel

  • jessica

    Super love as always!!! Even though ive seen these already, i fell more in love! Chloe-Bug we miss you!ReplyCancel

  • Nana J Massey

    So cute and the sweetest child with the most beautiful eyes! She truly is as happy everyday as you have shown her in these pictures.ReplyCancel