~Haylie~ A Carolina Bride

When I think of the song “Carolina Girls” Haylie is the first person that comes to mind. (Which is funny, I might add, that they played that song at her reception.) Haylie, born and raised in South Carolina is pretty, sweet, charming, funny, girlie, and owns a truck. She loves the country/rustic scene, but has a modern flair to her. If you’d like to make Haylie the happiest girl in the world (other than already marrying her husband Cole), buy her an old Farm house with a lot of rustic barns and land.

This is Haylie’s bridal, and she has since gotten married! It was taken at Cotton Hills Farm in Lowry South Carolina. We are so excited and pleased to share these images with you, because they’re awesome. Someone else could’ve taken these pictures, and I’d still feel the same away. Her wedding was equally as charming and fun, and that is something else we can’t wait to share either.

Okay, enough talking! Without further adieu- Haylie, A *South* Carolina Bride!

Ah, there’s always a funny part. This little Billy escaped and thought it would be fun to join us, and be a part of the shoot. He was the craziest goat we’ve ever seen. He’d go from zero, and then bolt at high speed, turn around, and come right toward us. We thought on multiple occasions that he was going to ram us, but instead would stop at the last second and stand there. He tried to eat our parasols, and the back of Jeremy’s shirt. We finally called the owners to come get him, and they said he was the only one who had figured out how to escape.

Yep, that’s him behind the railing. I actually hadn’t noticed he was back there until someone pointed it out. He was crazy, but he was a cute goat.

You know how we’re always talking about how we LOVE our crazy and fun brides? Yeah… Haylie in her wedding dress, climbed over and sat on the top part. We promise she is not “photoshopped” up on the barn. She did it all on her own. On a side note, cotton was a huge theme at her wedding, so we were happy to incorporate it into her Bridals as well!

If you find that you recognize Haylie, it’s probably because the first engagement session, actually our very first inaugural blog post was Haylie and Cole’s engagement sesh. If anyone out there finds that they would like to feature or post any of our blog pictures on their own blog, you can contact us at info@lunahzon.com

As always, we wish you a happy and positive day!

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