{Ethan} Goes Back to the Future

For Charlotte, NC – the norm for Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s, apparently, was to have the boy or girl do a picture where they were more often than not, super-imposed into an image fitting their party’s theme. (If one’s theme was “A Day at the Carnival”, then maybe they’d be super-imposed onto a roller coaster, and so on, and so forth). When we first got approached, we assured them that we COULD super-impose someone in a picture, but it wasn’t quite our style. You wouldn’t hire the world’s best sushi chef and ask him to make you an all mexican dish would you? That’s kind of how we felt about the whole thing and instead offered up our strength – let’s do a high-fashion shoot, let the youth drive a lot of the shoot, get some great pictures, and have a little extra bonding time while we’re at it! It was a leap of faith that they took, but I’d like to think it was worth the payoff in the end, and we’ve had people agree to handle similarly ever since!

Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah was themed “Back to the Future.” So for the afternoon, in historic downtown Belmont, NC, Ethan transformed into Marty McFly!

They used some of these train pictures in the slide show- which went perfect with the “Don’t need a credit card to ride this train.” Also, the picture with his arms wide open closed the slide show out!

Ahh, and here is the fun one. Jeremy spent the better part of the day working on this picture, but I think the end result turned out quite well!

We love shooting Bar Mitzvahs, by the way. They are fun, the energy is always high, and the kids are a blast. It’s such a fun age, and the parents always get involved with the dancing and let loose. We’ve actually seen a few older people break loose on the dance floor! Also, we just want to mention how amazing it was to work with Ethan’s family! His parents are really, really cool, and he has an adorable younger Sister. Ethan and his sis are kind, sweet, polite, and hysterical. We couldn’t ask for a better family to work with!

Anyway, Ethan has since had his awesome (and we mean AWESOME) Bar Mitzvah. Those pictures are soon to come, but for now, we hope you enjoyed his themed pre-shoot!

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