{Brad and Stephanie} Meet the Huxters

We met Brad and Stephanie completely by accident. It was a chain of events that led us to them, which ultimately led to this ‘just for fun shoot.’ On the LunahZon Facebook page we have a giveaway for every 100th person that likes us. Its referral based, so you tell your friends to add us, and if they fall into the 100th slot, then you and your friend win a prize.

Well, the person who won our 100th slot was totally random, and didn’t have a referral. So, we meet Anne Bodnar Markey, who is an event planer for Favor Me Events. We ALWAYS get excited when people find us randomly, so Jeremy started talking to her. She invited us to a networking event, being thrown none other than Stephanie Huxter.

Stephanie owns scmDesign, and does some amazing design and album work. We were very excited that they asked us to do a fun shoot- because hello, they’re a fun and beautiful couple (not to mention- creative!) Who would say no?

So, without further adieu… meet the Huxters!

It was the very first of spring, and our locations were also just as random and fun. Before we end this post, we do owe Vesuvius Vineyards a HUGE shout-out for being awesome to work with, and letting us shoot there. We are very big believers in the “every door leads somewhere” motto, and well- mostly all things positive. It is just really cool to witness networking in action, making connections and everything in between. It was such a pleasure meeting them, and we are definitely keeping them close!

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