~Stacy~ Reign to Elegance

We, as LunahZon Photography are probably some of the friendliest photog-to-photog people you can find. We fully believe there is enough work for everybody, and we also strongly believe that a healthy dose of competition isn’t a bad thing. We need other photographers that are better than us, so that we can strive to always be better. Likewise, we hope that we are an inspiration drawing board for other photographers. It is a beautiful cycle if you let it be.

That being said, there are many different types of photographers out there in the world. You have natural light only, film only, digital only, studio only, location and studio, wedding only, landscape only… you get my drift. It is important to choose a photographer that is right for you, not only so that you ensure that you get along (which in turn produces great images), but you don’t want to choose a studio photographer when you are looking for something cinematic.

We are on-location photographers. We prefer natural light, but the good thing about us is that we have- and can use artificial lighting when needed. Take this Bridal Shoot for example; it rained. We didn’t cancel it because we had an AMAZING location, and it gave us a chance to get a little creative with the lighting. (Also, we don’t want our bride to have to reschedule hair, flowers, etc.) Not to toot our own horn, but creative artificial lighting is a hard thing to do without making the images look flat. It’s the reason 97% of photographers shoot natural light only. (I made that percentage up, and natural light is also prettier.)

Jeremy and I took what was given to us, and “made it happen.” We are versatile, and can adjust to any situation. We thoroughly hope you enjoy this bridal session, which was entirely shot with artificial lighting. Once again, a shout-out to Planned Perfection for finding this location. The Bride isn’t even one of their clients, and they STILL showed up to check up on us and our Bride. They’re simply brilliant! If you’re interested in the location, it’s called the Henry Hall Wilson House in Monroe, NC. You can contact us for info, if you’d like.

We had such a fun time shooting with Stacy. She recently got married, so we are excited and happy to share these Bridals with you! Keep an eye out for her actual wedding, it’s coming soon! As always, we hope everyone has a great and positive day!

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