~Lucy~ Not All Sessions Created Equal

We love our job. As long as everything on this earth is green and good, we will always say that. What makes our job amazing are the fascinating people that walk through our imaginary door. Take our High School Senior Lucy for example, who comes from a family who embraces Art. She wears it loud and proud and isn’t afraid to be herself. A fearless artsy teenager in the hands of LunahZon Photography yields photos such as these:

Lucy is a graduate of Statesville High School, Statesville NC. Per her Mom’s request, we took a few pictures in front of the building- with a sombrero (Lucy’s touch). Statesville High School is a family Alma Mater, and no matter what the occasion or photo session, we always listen to Mom.

Another request from Mom was to do some pictures at a graveyard. Not any graveyard, but a neighborhood one that has been there since the confederate times (we assume because there are a lot of confederate flags).

Lucy and her friends used to go to the graveyard every Halloween with a Ouija board. We thought we would spice it up with some color and a semi-fashion shoot. (Fun fact: When we originally posted that we did a photo session with a Senior in a graveyard, we forgot to mention High School, and a few people thought we did a macabre session with a Senior Citizen in a graveyard.)

We will always embrace everyone, with any ideas you throw at us. This just goes to show that all not all photo sessions are created equal. What matters is we capture who you are, specifically catered to you.

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  • Lucy was in my class when she was 4 years old. I loved that girl! You captured Lucy’s spirit! I had her older brothers too. I have known the family for years! Lucy’s mom would bring her rain boots to preschool and they would walk home in the rain. Lucy was loving jumping in the puddles! Great mom. Jeremy, I am an old friend of your mom’s and I was the one to get you the disco ball for a shoot! I got it from Lucy’s mom! go figure! I so enjoy your site! You are a gifted photographer! have a great evening ! Alice AdamsReplyCancel

    • Holy Cow! Talk about small world!! That is so funny that you got it from Lucy’s Mom and we didn’t get introduced to Lucy or her family until this January via a mutual friend – and you got the disco ball last June – crazy! I love seeing how things connect… also proves we’re dealing with all the right people, the ones that get out in the world, make things happen, and just spread the love! I definitely can’t take all the credit though, my lovely fiance, Debby, is a HUGE part of it! Thanks for following along with us & spreading love too!!ReplyCancel

  • These are so, so good! Great job you guys!ReplyCancel

    • Thank you madame! This really was such an uber-fun session! Lucy is unmistakably somehow related to us without knowing it – seriously, her family is pretty much all you could ask for in an artist family!ReplyCancel