{Elizabeth} Bridals, Castles, and Swords

So, you saw our fun e*sesh of Elizabeth and Todd in the city. Shortly after, (as we do with all of our engagements) we do Bridal shoots. Doing Bridals, is a fun little fashion shoot that does many things all at once. First off, it lets the Bride do a practice run of her dress and hair. Second, the Bride can use these photos as a gift to her husband to be, or have them at Her wedding. They also let us have one on one time with the Bride to get really stunning shots that we may otherwise not have time to during the wedding. Lastly, it helps Us, the photographers do a practice run of the Bride in her gown, ie: light of day, material, skin tone. They all affect brides differently, and the camera, much like a finger print, treats everyone as unique as they are. Truth be however, we just really like shooting them because they’re beautiful and fun.

This Bridal was particularly fun. It was shot at a Castle-like house in Monroe, NC.

Now this is what makes our Bride super fun and amazing. As I said before, this place was like Castle. It had a dungeon, some awesome chairs, and swords! While we joked about the Bride using the swords, she thought it was a fabulous idea, and went ahead and incorporated them into her photo shoot. These were meant to be funny, but we were still proud of our Bride for being fun and awesome! She even got her Brides Maid who helped her out with the shoot involved in a pic. Now that is a true friend!

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