Eisley live in Carrboro, NC at Cat’s Cradle on 4-27-11

For those of you who don’t know, LunahZon got its humble beginnings in the world of concert work! It was through writing for Decoy Music that Jeremy got offered a photopass to shoot the band The Dear Hunter. One thing led to another, all warning signs of obsession were ignored (as were those of caution), and the next thing you know – we had a baby… a baby named LunahZon Photography (which we have joked about naming our real-life baby if ever we have one just to mess with people). To this day, concert & music related work is still one of our favorite things to do! We’ve been lucky enough to photograph some pretty awesome performers live & some wonderful local musicians, that we wouldn’t never learned about had we not been lead down this path. Talk about two grateful people here!

So enough with the history lesson, on to today’s spotlight – Eisley. Eisley is a band we shot pretty early in LZP’s musical rummagings, back in the fall of 2007 as they opened for another LZP fave, Mute Math. Two albums and 3 1/2 years later, we got to shoot them at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC.

The Cat’s Cradle is a great venue for watching a show, but not necessarily for shooting one. It was a little dark for our tastes, but considering that fact & no photo barrier, I’m pretty happy with the ones that made the final cut. Eisley are also to be commended for allowing people to shoot their shows without the need for an official photopass and allowing them to shoot the entire performance rather than the usual “first three songs”.

While these are posted “officially” up on Decoy Music, this blog now lets me tell a story or two as I desire to accompany the pictures… and anyone that knows me, knows I like to talk… a lot.

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  • Eric

    Dude these are awesome! Wish I could’ve been there too!ReplyCancel

    • It was a really good show… forgot to put on there that we ran into Darren King too… he was in the back part of the club just working away on his apple. Wish you could’ve came too! Appreciate the positive feedback on the pics too!ReplyCancel