Hopefully you found yourself at our website because you were sent here by a friend, we've already met you in real life, or somehow word of us has already gotten to you eyes & ears!  Assuming we're right, then you probably already know a little about us, our slightly ridiculous sense of humor, and how we roll as photogs.  Let's assume for a second, though, that you are learning all about us for the first time.... what kind of interesting things lie in store?  What sort of secrets will you uncover?  Why are you still letting me build this unrealistic suspense!??!  Let's get down to business.


It's pronounced "Luna" (like the moon, or the particularly fun character from Harry Potter) and "Zon" (like Zahn... which is "sun" in another language) and the "H" is kind of like word glue.   So yes, we are essentially MoonSun.  It reflects the celebration of our dual roles... our yin & yang... and Debby really, really loves space!   The part of "Lunah" will be played tonight by the fabulous Debby and Jeremy will pull his duties as "Zon", though we usually get referred to as "Lunah" in a collective format.  The fact we are, 99% of the time, seen together also means the rare times that Jeremy is alone, he still uses the phrase "we" and looks very schizophrenic.  Fact.  Also, pre-apologies to all the grammar police out there; we kind of play fast & loose with those word rules in order to express ourselves with a little more "umph".  We hope you'll forgives us and we love you anyway.


Yes!  I was afraid you wouldn't ask... we have three (Tiki, Chovy (aka Chov-mah-goats), and Ollie).   We'd love to say we have dogs too, but we're gone from our home enough that it'd be a lot less fair to the canine members of the family.   We will happily love on & treat your dogs as our own though, so bring'em!


Dang son, you're getting pretty philosophical on us up front huh?   Oh - you didn't mean the existential kind of "where we come from"... gotcha.   Two years after we met & began dating, Debby graduated from NC School of the Arts with a focus in film-making.  Jeremy was working for a music magazine.  Through a series of "you couldn't have written this better if you were JK Rowling herself" kind of coincidences, we found ourselves with two pretty spiffy starting cameras, a will to create, and the lucky ignorance of things that should've told two artists "Starting a business is tricky".   Fast-forward through the years of being both incredibly lucky and willing to hustle away like our lives depended on it, and you've got the modern day LunahZon that is still proud to be growing, learning, and pushing itself to new heights each day!


I'm confident in saying there's no shortage of us photogs out in the world right now.   It could be looked at as a frustrating, negative thing where you're screaming to be heard in the crowd... but we're happy to say we look at the other side of the coin in this instance!  With SO MUCH talent out there, we don't have to be everyone's favorite photographer.  We get to push ourselves to follow our own hearts, do things to our own funky beat, and cheer on our fellow peers as they do the same!  We've come to call ourselves "moment people" or "personality photographers" because we know our emphasis (while shooting) is put on bringing the emotion and personality out of our subject vs the more staged, posed material.  That's not to say we won't give direction or, once in a blue moon, get very pose-specific... but it DOES mean that we like to get the ball rolling, and then let a lot of things happen organically!  We have a pretty good record of conquering the vast majority of "so & so just hates being in pictures" personalities that have come our way because our process is a collaboration, and when people already love the camera - well that's just open season on awesomeness!  When we're working events, we're always on the lookout for the real moments too... I love a great "iconic" shot as much as the next person, but a majority of the day our hearts are more about watching your moments unfold & nabbing them for real vs us trying to manufacture a moment to look sweet/romantic.  As far as our "after shooting" goes, we take pride in the fact we touch every picture you get to see... colors are our life!  I mean, we dig some black & whites too - they can be enchanting, but we are very specific and purposeful about coloration and making things pop!!


Because we love believing in magic.  Seriously, we're both daydreamers.  If magic wasn't real, we'd both be working office jobs.


Because The Plaid Penguin is pretty much our brother from another mother.  We met Joe Haubenhofer EARLY in our career and our like minds were drawn to each other... have collaborated ever since.   We would have likely not stumbled into the realm of food if not for those guys and we're forever grateful for what they have and will always mean to us on a daily basis.  So we don our best "penguin attire" and join the team when photos are needed for the The Plaid Penguin crew.   Didn't know we were part of Plaid Penguin and just felt like asking about penguins?  Weird.


Is that really even a full question?  Okay - let's go ahead and address all those pictures of us and our family (Jeremy's daughter and our three cats) to the left.  They are mostly cell phone pictures... we fess up.  We don't typically allow ourselves to be caught by our own weapons of choice, it's true.  Did you mean "will you take my pictures?"   If you're reading down this far, the answer is pretty much a resounding YES!